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Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Subject:You were born to me, Cassidy
Time:10:20 pm.
Cassidy took a rapid turn for the worse this evening. Chris said she had refused to eat or drink, and was lugging herself in circles, not using her hind legs. Her breathing became rapid and she just..curled up and stopped moving. She passed on about an hour ago.

I am very sad but it was clear her life was no longer enjoyable for her. Her life was never easy for a rat to begin with, so I am sad but also relieved for her.. she was never going to be a healthy rat and it was her time.

We did the best we could for you...see you at the bridge, Cass.
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Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Time:4:55 pm.
I will NOT go to the kitchen before I leave and shove (what happens to be my FAVORITE kind of) cake in my face.

I will NOT go eat the cake.

I will avoid the cake.

I won't even GO to the kitchen.


(I already had cake yesterday, Cake does NOT need to be a daily occurrence tyvm.)

annnnnnd I have a feeling I'm going to have cake.
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Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Time:4:47 pm.

This is a new community created by cp and is intended for photographers who wish to share their photography as an artform, from beginners to professionals. It will be a place where you can share your photos and receive honest feedback. The idea is to try to get into the mind of the photographer, not just share "pics" - that's what all the other communities are for. There will also be regular theme posts and challenges. Plain ol' discussion posts (gear, techniques, historic exemplars, whatever suits your fancy as long as it is related to photography!) are also welcome... I am really looking forward to it!

Check it out!
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Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Subject:Canon canon canon
Time:11:05 am.
Photographer friends: A friend of mine posed this question on my facebook wall. I'm a Nikon gal, so I don't know but I know some of you are Canon people! Any suggestions would be helpful :)

PHOTO FRIENDS: Thinking about investing in a DSLR. I am a Canon guy right now and looking at the Rebel series. I don't plan on using it professionally, obviously, but I care about getting high quality respectable shots and I need something that handles low light exceptionally. Do I need the t4i or should I go with the 2 or 3? I hear the 4 is amazing, but do I need all that?

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Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Time:10:11 am.


You know, if you haven't already :)
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Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Time:10:26 am.

Happy halloween!
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Friday, October 5th, 2012

Subject:Columbia Walk Out of Darkness (repost)
Time:10:16 am.
(I know most of you already saw this, but I just wanted to repost it, because this cause matters to me very much)

Tomorrow, 10/6, I will be walking in Columbia for the Walk Out of Darkness to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

If you are able, and would like to, please donate to this cause here:

Team Aaron thanks you very much!!!

If you are feeling the weight of darkness and feel like you have nowhere else to turn, please, please please know that there are more people out there who care than you even know, and there's ALWAYS somewhere to turn. If you need someone to talk to, call someone - a friend, a family member, or talk to someone anonymously at 1-800-784-2433, or visit http://suicidehotlines.com/national.html if you just need someone to chat with online. Please know that it can, and does, get better... there's absolutely NO shame in reaching out for help.

Also, I received an anonymous donation, and I don't know if it came from here, FB or Twitter, but whoever it was, THANK YOU THANK YOU... you are amazing.
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Monday, October 1st, 2012

Subject:Out of the Darkness: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Time:1:08 pm.
On Saturday 10/6, I will be walking in Columbia to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

If you are able, and would like to, please donate to this cause here:

Team Aaron thanks you very much!!!
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Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Time:2:49 pm.
A little funneh for your day:

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Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Subject:football and kittens
Time:10:11 am.
Apparently Terrell Suggs tore his achilles and will be out for the 2012 season.

Don't get me wrong, I root for the crows Ravens in their games because its just fun to have that much more football to watch, but I am a Redskins fan, born and raised, forever loyal. It's been a tough decade to be a Redskins fan, not gonna lie. And Ravens fans are not nice to Redskins fans, despite our general apathy toward them. I work downtown Baltimore and I am the ONLY Skins fan in my office, so it can get sorta old to defend my team when we do actually suck. Also, I don't wish harm on this man so I feel bad that he's injured, but that's a risk of being a football player (even if its off-season...) but I really just want to watch all the sad faces of Ravens fans as they realize they just lost their best linebacker for the season.

In other news, for those of you who don't care about sports but love fluffy adorable animals, here's a live feed of some freaking cute kittens.

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Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Subject:hallo friends
Time:4:22 am.
I'm still in North Carolina, but am going home tomorrow. This makes me sad. :( However, I'll be able to catch up with reading my f-list and hopefully working on editing my pictures! I took significantly less this time - not because there was nothing to photograph, but I'm trying to be a little more deliberate with my photos. It gets tiresome to weed through nearly a thousand pictures after a week... I managed to keep this trip down to about 200 (though I took more, but I did more in-camera deleting than I usually do) :)

I'm really tired because I've been up working on getting this one shot I've been dreaming about. I pretty much got it, so I just wanted to pop in and share it!

As always, I do see some things I'd like to improve, however - it's hard to make time for more than one 30 min. shot since I have to wait for the camera to do the in-camera noise-reduction afterward, which takes about as long as the shot itself. So, I'll just have to learn for next time :) Also, definitely running into the limitations of my camera when I try stuff like this. Oh well, I think I get pretty decent results for the entry-level camera I have. Still leaves me wanting more... but alas.

here"s a couple more I"ve managed to already edit!Collapse )

That's all for now, I'm kinda beat and my uploads are done... I promise I will do my best to try to catch up with all my reading in the next few days :) Hope all is well with all of you!
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Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Subject:green thumb.... or not
Time:10:39 am.
My grandmother and mother were both florists. Owned and ran a business with an EXCELLENT reputation for 15+ years while I grew up.

Yet, I can't manage to keep from killing my office plants that don't require much light and only need to be watered once every week or two.

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Monday, March 19th, 2012

Subject:Monday ramblings
Time:1:19 pm.
Ah, Monday. The worst day of the week. At least it's half over! Well, Almost half over, anyway. Going walking with my mom tonight, if my leg doesn't start acting up... I woke up yesterday morning around 5am SCREAMING in pain because I had the most excruciating charley horse in my calf that I've ever had, ever. Ever. I writhed for a minute, groggily trying to figure out "wtf do I do to make this better?!" but nothing really helped except to wait it out.. only took a minute I guess, but with shooting pain all through your body, 60 seconds is a LONG TIME. What's more interesting, though, is that usually when I have a leg cramp, once its gone, it's gone. But this time, when I woke up yesterday (a few hours later), it was still sore and it actually really hurt to walk on it. Chris was calling me a drama queen and that I was faking a limp and I just told him to bite me. It really hurt :-/ I can still feel it today if I flex my leg in the right direction, but its not nearly as painful as yesterday.

Anyway, I feel like I had a pretty productive weekend. I spent Saturday morning doing the whole winter into spring clothing swap, and wore flipflops for the first time this year... once the flip flops come out for me, I don't wear anything else until it's so cold my toes go numb. The first time is always a little killer on my toes, though... gotta build up the summer calluses! :P It's been in the 60s and 70s, so I'm really hoping it won't dip down too much colder again. We discovered the other day that our AC was broken, but maintenance fixed that for us right quick. I am very, very pleased with where we live. I keep thinking there's some huge problem that we'll discover and that is why rent is extremely cheap for the area, but so far, nothing. The neighbors are fine, the apartment itself is fine, everyone we've met is super nice and helpful, our only repair request was addressed immediately, there are no pests, etc. Knock on wood, I think we just got lucky and got a good rate!

Anyway, I went for a walk around Centennial lake on Saturday while mandy went out with her kayak - that was fun, and I got a few photos of herons, dogs and some other things. Then we went to Chipotle for dinner - NOM. Her fiance's band was playing a show that night, too, so we went out to see them. I really am not a huge fan of going out, or going to bars in general, but I always have more fun going there than I think I will. We had a great time - I always like hearing their band. One of the guitarists is our 6th grade social studies teacher, haha. Now that we're older, it's not quite as weird, but it's still sometimes hard to get used to calling him by his first name instead of "Mr. ______"

Chris and I went to see John Carter yesterday... it was good :) It dragged a little in the middle, but for the most part, I found it quite enjoyable. Chris does not go to the movies with me often, so I was very excited to go :) Had a little too many movie snacks, though :-/ funny how I spend my whole week watching what I eat and exercising and I have lost 4 lbs (it's not much, but it's a start... you don't START with huge numbers!) and then between Saturday and today, I put 2 of them back... too much beer, popcorn, m&m peanuts, chinese food.... ick. I'm hoping I didn't actually gain the whole 2 back and that it's a little water retention (or perhaps, literally food retention, if you catch my drift) but I guess I shouldn't beat myself up too much. What's done is done, and I just need to move forward and be healthy today :)

Anyway, I guess I should get back to work... I also just wanted to post some of my zoo pictures, and my water-drop experiments :)

lotsa photos!Collapse )
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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Subject:A rare political post from me
Time:11:42 am.
Very few things get me riled up enough to post about politics. Sure, I have opinions and I know why I vote for who I vote for, but I don't really like to talk about politics. I don't find it interesting, I'm not very good with debate, and I don't actually know a whole lot so I tend to just shut up about it.

But this has been bugging me on fb the last couple days, and instead of causing drama for the people actually posting, I'm just gonna rant here. I wish I had more confidence to actually say something to these people, but trying to convince someone of an opposing political viewpoint is like screaming into a vacuum anyway. Totally pointless and would only serve to raise my blood pressure and waste time, so whatever.

Anyway, I've been seeing this picture reposted a few times:

What bothers me about this, is this:

It's this kind of misleading crap that people see, believe and repost when they forget that gas prices actually spiked over $4.00 in 2008, shortly before election time (I'd be surprised if something similar doesn't happen this year, but I guess circumstances can always be a little different, so I don't know). But it appears that a very similar trend was happening in 2007-2008 that is happening now. Except, let's conveniently leave that part out and just talk about that one brief period where it was really low again... yes, let's blame everything on Obama, even though the same thing happened with GWB in office. Of course, Republicans would probably have something else to blame it on, then. WTF?!

On top of that, I find it utterly mind-boggling that this, or frankly any monetary issues, is more important to some people that other major social issues. Because of gas prices, I'm being encouraged to vote for someone who wants to strip this country of freedom, namely religious freedom (or lack thereof, if that's your cuppa)?? WHAT? I mean, that's all that's available in the GOP race AFAIK. I understand SOME points of Republicans. I'm not purely any particular party, in fact, I do tend to be more conservative when it comes to financial issues, but I very much value social issues over financial issues, and that's why I tend to vote democratic. There are democratic policies I don't like, too, but I can't have both so I have to pick what I find more important. It just blows my mind that people would vote for someone based on this shit.

I don't have much to say other than this.

I don't really know a whole lot of facts (see beginning of this post) so I'm sure there are many things people could point out that he has done that aren't all that great, or things he hasn't done that he said he would, but are these people forgetting that EVERY FREAKING PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE DOES THIS? It's all part of the role. How come everytime it happens, people are SHOCKED and APPALLED that he hasn't fulfilled every freaking thing he said? IT'S POLITICS, YOU TURDS. THAT'S HOW IT WORKS. Surprise, I know. All in all, I value what he HAS done and I will be voting Obama again in November.

That is all. Just wanted to get that off my chest.
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Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Time:11:46 am.
Admittedly, I don't know much about the farming industry, so I don't have much to say about that.

But I'm a sucker for a good cover.

Willie Nelson covering Coldplay's "The Scientist"

Also, apparently Chipotle is big on making really sad commercials:
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Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Subject:That was fast!
Time:11:18 pm.

It's already here! I ordered my 50mm f/1.8 prime lens Friday and it already came! So far I've just wandered around the house snapping things and getting used to it, but I can already tell I love it. LOVE IT. Also just in time for OBX this weekend!

My next project there will be a night landscape. It's so clear down there, you can sometimes see the milky way :) AND- Chris is going to let me borrow his D40 too, so I'll be able to try several :D I have a feeling the cold will limit me to about an hour tops, so I figure two 30-minute shots with one, some 30 second to 1 min shots and one 45 min shot with the other. I'm not exoecting much more out of it than a learning experience, but man, even if one looks good I'd be thrilled. I intend to find my location and write down focal specs in the daytime so I'm not fumbling with focusing on the foreground in the cold dark, hehe. I'm so excited!!! :D

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Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Time:12:51 pm.
I'm listening to Pandora for the first time in ages. For some reason totally unbeknownst to me, I chose Eagle Eye Cherry's "Save Tonight" as my start song. It just came to me, I have no idea. It's not like it was ever one of my favorite songs... I guess I just heard it somewhere recently and it was in my head.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit how much I'm loving this station. Blues Traveler, Vertical Horizon, Weezer, Third Eye Blind, Blink 182, Train. Man I miss the '90s. Even the crap I'm enjoying now, haha.

The other day, someone asked their facebook friends for some '90s rock suggestions. I went with: Better Than Ezra, Smashing Pumpkins, Blind Melon, R.E.M., Our Lady Peace, Weezer, Pearl Jam, RHCP, Social Distortion.... I could have kept going, but I figured I was already overloading their request, haha. I have a pretty wide range in my taste in music, from Iron Maiden to bluegrass, from gospel to Eminem. NOT ASHAMED.

In other news, I feel compelled to make Mandy some gluten free red velvet cupcakes. I hope I don't have to buy excessive quantities of the GF ingredients... I suppose it's possible I wouldn't end up making them if that's the case. Anywho, if I do make them, I think I'll use this recipe.

So, last Saturday my check engine light came on, so I took it up to the dealership to have that checked out. The guy told me it would be $170 for the diagnostic (O_O) so I agreed because I didn't think I really had a choice (yeah, apparently I don't know anything about adult-y things like going somewhere that ISN'T the dealership for that) and it turned out to be the gas cap. So, they ordered me a new one. I paid for it and $170 later I was on my way (the diagnostic turned out to "only" be about $125 and the gas cap about $40). Anyway, I was telling my dad this while we were at dinner last night, and he was appalled. He told me that sometime relatively recently, he had gone in for the very same problem and the guy he saw (some guy he has known for 13 years, and knows we are loyal customers to that particular dealership) checked the diagnostic for free, discovered it was the gas cap, and told him he probably just didn't screw it on tight enough. He reset the codes, and told my dad to come back if it came back on. It never did, so, problem solved. For free. So, my dad was appalled that they charged me that for something they did for him for free. So he took my receipt and went to bat for me, and scored me a 50% refund. Excellent! No matter how old I am, if my dad wants to go to bat for me, I will be happy to let him (though I really should learn to not let myself be walked on by myself, but you know...)

Got my W-2 yesterday, so naturally, I already filed with TurboTax so I could get my refund stat. The refund will pay off the rest of my credit card bill, put some in my savings, AND be enough for a new 50mm prime lens AND a small addition that will complete my back tattoo :D I am a happy camper. Also, my wii fit regimen is going well, though I'm only on day 3. I set my goal to be .75 lbs a week (which should be TOTALLY doable, I used to lose 2lbs a week) so that I don't get too discouraged, and it should get me to where I want in the next year. Slow and steady :) Things are looking good.
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Monday, January 9th, 2012

Time:9:58 am.
I can't remember if I turned off/unplugged my space heater in the bathroom this morning :(

Normally, I make a big deal (to myself) about "Okay, it is OFF and unplugged" - sometimes I even say it outloud so I can remember later, in the event I get paranoid like this. I did not do that this morning and I can't remember if I did, and now I'm super paranoid it's sitting on the bathroom floor, not even a foot from the bathroom rug, and that I'm going to set my house on fire :( Chances are probably very good that I did out of habit, but it's just killing me that I can't remember doing it.

I can take my lunch as early as 11, so I think I'm going to alert my boss that my lunch is going to be long but I'll make it up at the end of the day because I need to run home and make sure I haven't set my house on fire.

Stupid me. It wasn't even that cold today, why do you insist on using it every morning :( *beats self up*

edit: the good news is I didn't burn my house down (or even almost - it was off AND unplugged, just like I do... good old autopilot) but the bad news is my memory sucks and I had to use my whole lunch hour driving *grumble grumble*
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Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Time:4:17 pm.
So, I was feeling inspired by cp's HDR photos from Disney World, and I thought I wanted to try some of my own! I haven't had the chance to go take more photos lately (NYC on Saturday, though!) so I just tried it with a bunch of shots I already had.

cp, you might call your way quick and dirty, but I'm almost embarrassed to admit these are just from an app on my ipad. See, I had big plans of using Photoshop and Photomatix... I actually have (had?) that on my desktop at the recommendation of a photo teacher, but never used it properly. I had big plans of doing them all the "real" way, the way I could actually be proud to say I did.

And then my computer blue-screened (see below post.) Arrrggghhh. And my laptop is having its own issues (though with some time, patience and googling, I might be able to get it pleasantly functional). So at home, the only thing I have both for photos and webbing, is my iPad. So, an app it is. At least it gives me SOME control over strength, radius, color, style, etc. So at least I sorta feel like I actually made it, haha.

So, you want quick and dirty?Collapse )

So, when I get a "real" computer back someday (hopefully still with all my software, I don't know how to get all that back D:) I'll teach myself to do it the "proper" way (if nothing else, just because I want the skillset) but quick and dirty will do in the meantime :)
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Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Subject:My home computer D: D:
Time:3:57 pm.



UGHCollapse )
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